Nourhan Maayouf
Nourhan was born in 1990 in Cairo, where she currently lives and works. She is a self-taught artist specializing in digital photography and video. She embarked on her artistic journey in 2010 by engaging with diverse forms of photography, finally focusing on staged photography as her major and preferred style. She prefers humble methods such as working with simple props and using natural lighting. In 2017, she expanded her art practice to video. She relies primarily on self-portraits and performances, being the actor, having a private relationship with the camera, and freely expressing her intimate issues. Regardless of the medium and methodology, two central interests tie her methods: experiences related to the home and the nature of relationships. Topics such as communication, self-deception, objectification, and intimate and familial relationships are captured in her work. Her home, family, upbringing, and personal relationships are the major inspiration of her art projects. She has participated in several local and group art exhibitions, as well as receiving local and regional awards, most prominently the 2016 Absa Bank “l’Atelier” grand award in South Africa, ranked first among 100 African artists in contemporary art. In 2018, she had her first solo art exhibition “the Sea is Closed: Shallow Water” at Absa Bank Gallery.
Don’t Look at Yourself in the Mirror
Presented in a seven photography pieces of a chicken body—having a curved body like the female human body, boldly bare-naked with detailed flesh—I express the implications of the conservative upbringing on the female. Growing as a stranger to her body, failed trials of understanding, creating a tight territory prisoning her body, not allowed to be crossed by strangers, continuously attacked by words of order and curiosity, always painful and stressful, her body is no longer under her control, but rather controlled by her family, her society, traditions, prohibitions, fears, personal mistakes, and fictional stories created by her subconscious.

The Addis Foto Fest (AFF) was established in 2010 by award-winning photographer and cultural entrepreneur, Aida Muluneh. The festival is organized by Desta for Africa Creative Consulting PLC. AFF is a biennial international photography festival held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It has previously featured exhibitions, portfolio reviews, conferences, projections and film screenings in many different renowned venues. It is also the first and only international photography festival in East Africa.