Ola Alsheikh
Once an electrical engineer, Ola Alsheikh is a Sudanese documentary photographer. Her passion for photography led her to a change in profession in 2010 when she bought her first digital camera. Ola enjoys all types of photography, but her work focuses mostly on documentary and macro photography. Ola is interested in documenting people’s journey in life and her own as well. Ola is a member of the African photojournalism database, since 2017 and in 2012 was a Co-founder of the Sudanese Photographers Group.
Sudan’s Invisible Heroes
As part of my ongoing project, at The Sudanese Rehabilitation For The Blind; I photographed the math class as I always have been curious about how this subject is taught to people with vision problems. This curiosity made me feel that I have to give a helping hand. As a photographer all I can give is my vision through my lens. I believe that photography change lives; so I decided to help raise funds through bringing up the challenge faced by blinds and use the social media to serve this cause. The center is in need for equipment and learning tools among many basic needs. The centers budget is not sufficient to buy newer equipment, and teacher wages are very low. Many volunteers work in the center driven by empathy and willingness to support the blind, their dedication and great efforts are not known by public. Those blind and partially sighted students are warriors. They do not know what the word obstacle means. They have developed visions of their own with the help of their teachers. This is a tribe of warriors. Sudan`s invisible heroes.

The Addis Foto Fest (AFF) was established in 2010 by award-winning photographer and cultural entrepreneur, Aida Muluneh. The festival is organized by Desta for Africa Creative Consulting PLC. AFF is a biennial international photography festival held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It has previously featured exhibitions, portfolio reviews, conferences, projections and film screenings in many different renowned venues. It is also the first and only international photography festival in East Africa.