Pierre-Christophe Gam
Polymath artist, curator, art director and cultural entrepreneur, Pierre-Christophe Gam trained as an interior architect at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and Central St. Martins in London. In his professional career, he has specialized in art direction for leading contemporary luxury brands and media companies. In his artistic practice, Gam is interested in evaluating how current social and political changes in Africa and the diaspora negotiate with past intellectual and visual heritage. Using photography, collages, drawing and digital manipulation, he creates ambiguous yet compelling composition where deep cultural references are mixed-up and juxtaposed in a rich and intricate tapestry. Beyond the visual seduction of his work, Pierre-Christophe questions complex and deeply rooted narratives at the core of the global African experience.
Sankara /The Upright Man
The Upright Man is a mix media installation offering an apocryphal look on the life and legacy of the late Thomas Sankara, as president of Burkina Faso. Commonly referred to as “Africa’s Che Guevara”, Thomas Sankara was a military captain, a humanist, a champion of pan-africanism, an ecologist and a feminist who became President of Burkina Faso from 1983, until his death in 1987, at 37 years old. A visionary and a charismatic figure, Thomas Sankara quickly became the leading African voice, for the global fight against imperialism and neo-colonialism, as he launched one of the most ambitious programs for social and economic change ever attempted on the African continent. His revolutionary programs for African self-reliance made him an icon throughout the continent but also the rest of the world. The particularities of his life characterized by an absolute devotion to the ideals of justice and humanism, to his tragic death by treason at the hand of his own “brother” and Juda, Blaise Compaore, have led many to recognize a Christ-like dimension behind the man. This body of work explores Thomas Sankara, the myth, as the last prophet of Pan-Africanism. It is composed of 19 pieces, including 9 mix media collages, 7 digitally printed fabrics, 1 sculpture and 1 video installation. Techniques used range from pencil colour drawing, pixel art, photography and digital manipulation.

The Addis Foto Fest (AFF) was established in 2010 by award-winning photographer and cultural entrepreneur, Aida Muluneh. The festival is organized by Desta for Africa Creative Consulting PLC. AFF is a biennial international photography festival held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It has previously featured exhibitions, portfolio reviews, conferences, projections and film screenings in many different renowned venues. It is also the first and only international photography festival in East Africa.