Tomas Ayuso
Tomas Ayuso was originally a graduate researcher at the New School in New York studying the nexus between conflict and development in the Americas before transitioning into journalism and later photography after realizing photography’s ease in clearly showing the unbearable and stark extremes of life in his native Honduras. Building on his past life as an academic, his work focuses on the different offshoots of Latin American conflict as it relates to the drug war, forced displacement, and urban dispossession. With those themes in mind, he has worked on personal and editorial projects in Honduras, Mexico, & Colombia. In Honduras he’s tracked the country’s fragmentation 10 years after the 2009 coup by following stories at the edge of cities as well as the subsequent exodus towards perceived sanctuary in the United States. In Mexico he’s zeroed in on the local where the drug war is still raging and spilling over to civilian communities. In Colombia he’s been a persistent observer of the transition into a post-conflict era, most notably in regions hard-hit by the late-stage fighting in predominantly afro-Colombian territories. His work seeks to bind the disparate threads of Latin America’s peoples into the grand interlinked story of the Western Hemisphere. In covering the different types of violence facing the region’s people, he hopes to create a record of both continental struggle and local success.
The Right to Grow Old: Los(t) Boys of CDMX
The barrio where the Barrio 18 gang rules. Where selfless love between neighbors and generational hatred between enemies coexist. Where father figures fight for the preservation of family, both biological and chosen. Where there are those who seek to end violence and others who find violent ends. Individuals who choose to run to other lands for their lives, while others offer holy salvation in the next. For Moises, the recurring lad in this series, he faces a horrible decision to make at a terribly young age. He’s persuaded to join the gang, he’s brutalized by the police, he’s urged to leave by his parents and he’s beckoned to stay by his girlfriend who’s told him he’s due to be a father. The teenaged Moises confessed: he lays awake every night wondering whether to live, to die, or to flee el barrio. After a decade of violence, corruption and dispossession, Honduran youth have had the once irrevocable human right, the right to grow old, abolished.

The Addis Foto Fest (AFF) was established in 2010 by award-winning photographer and cultural entrepreneur, Aida Muluneh. The festival is organized by Desta for Africa Creative Consulting PLC. AFF is a biennial international photography festival held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It has previously featured exhibitions, portfolio reviews, conferences, projections and film screenings in many different renowned venues. It is also the first and only international photography festival in East Africa.